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Our History

It was originally called The Veranda Rest , back in 1947 when Jo Curry and Penny Gott came to Nova Scotia for a brief post war vacation. Both ladies had served as WAC'S in Europe during WW II, and had lost their husband's in action. Their plan was to take the ferry from Digby to St. John to visit the man who had brought up Jo's husband, Uncle Hedley. They could not get a confirmed crossing for two weeks , and because all of the accommodations in Digby were full they were told about an Inn that had cabins overlooking the water so they came to stay in Smith's Cove at the property with the million dollar view. For the ladies , Nova Scotia was the perfect place to unwind after the war and they fell in love with the unhurried pace and beautiful untouched country side. After having stayed in one of the housekeeping cabins that used to be on the property for well over the two weeks they were supposed to stay, the owner approached them about buying the property and making it their own. One thing lead to another and in 1948, the two girls put down a 1000 dollar payment to seal the deal. Since the reason they came to Nova Scotia was to visit their Uncle Hedley in St. John, they decided to call it Hedley House. Over the years the cabins became inadequate, and in 1952 the motel units were built, starting with 6 and by 1959 there were 14 units all together. The cabins are all gone now, but if you look closely you can still find bits and pieces of the old foundations. We hope you enjoy your stay and if there is anything you need please call us at 902 245 2500 and we will do all that we can to assist you.

Albert and Joanne LeBlanc